Step 2: What style of art to collect?

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Art painting styles or art style movements is a vast and fascinating topic. Personally I have always found it very intimidating.  With fancy names like Fauvism, Constructivism, Suprematism , Cubism and Surrealism who would not be intimidated? In step 1 of “How … Continued

Abstract Art from Germany

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A favourite pastime of mine is spending time online searching for exciting new art acquisitions.  Searching abstract art from Europe has always been a particular favourite of mine.  Over the last few weeks I came across an art and antiques … Continued

Art, Antiques and Design in Rye

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This week, with a friend, I had a short two-day break in Rye, a small historical town on the south coast of England. Rye is just charming.  It has cobbled streets, ancient buildings and a fascinating maritime history from kings … Continued