Hello and welcome to ArtAttracted.com

My name is Martin and I am the creative force behind ArtAttracted.com

As an accomplished art collector and researcher I created this website to engage with and encourage others to expand and develop their own art endeavours.Bird Art

 On this website you will find practical advice on:
What you do not need is:  
  • You do not need to be an IT genius to create your own website.
  • You do not need an art degree to become an art collector.
  • You do not need an accounting degree to setup your own art shop.
  • You do not need loads of money to collect or sell art.
 What you do need is:
  • You
  • a computer
  • some spare time
  • a will to succeed
  • a sense of humour
  • an enjoyment of life
  • and most importantly a passion for art!!!Flying Bird Art

Within the pages of this website and with the use of blogs and posts I will be expanding and guiding you through the exciting and diverse array of topics as mentioned above.

I have loved every aspect of dreaming about, designing and then building artattracted.com.  It has given me much joy and a wonderful sense of achievement. Feels like I am getting closer to finding my “Ikigai”, a Japanese word for finding your life’s purpose.

Be art inspired and allow art to enhance your life…

So again, welcome and enjoy your journey here at ArtAttracted.com